A quasi-sandbox campaign in a city of my own design, Enreuca.

Enreuca is a port city of ill-repute, made up of several districts that live in uneasy truce. The character Bones is from the district of Skeleton City, where beggars scratch out a living amongst crumbling buildings and old ghosts. He now works for the criminal organization known as the House of Frogs in the Dock district.

Iris Lutzdotter is the daughter if a middle-class in the Town district of Enreuca. While studying in a school that her parents worked hard to put her into, Iris came into contact with a radical communist leader, who quickly converted Iris into one of the Red Forge’s most devoted young disciples.

Nirik is the illegitimate son of a famous duelist and his poor immigrant mistress. Nirik is bright and cheerful, but an ambitious and power hungry streak trails him. He recently sacrificed his own hand to a goddess in order to gain the power of sorcery.

These three are more often than not nearer to enemies than friends, but their adventures will echo down through the annals of Enreuca for ages to come.

Lost in Enreuca